Friday, August 7, 2009

Should God Be Reasonable?

Should God make sense?

This week I've been thinking about some of the less-conventional aspects of the Holy Spirit's work: at least as seen from my Midwest-America, western-European sort of perspective. You know--the whole idea that He might lead people to speak in tongues, break out in prophecies or produce some flat-out miracles.

The God I grew up with was fairly predictable. That was nice, you could count on Him to be reasonable. Later on some friends introduced me to a God who couldn't always be figured out. That sort of stuff always bothers me.

A big wild card in this, of course, is the fact that we human beings ourselves have a tendency to distort things...and that's not God's fault. Just because some wacky things can end up happening in Jesus' name doesn't mean that Jesus is necessarily signing off on every spectacle.

And yet...well, "Aslan is not a tame lion", as the story goes (if you've read the Chronicles of Narnia). I wonder how often I accidentally limit some amazing things God would love to do, just because of the narrowness of my expectations. Actually, push-come-to-shove, I'd rather expect too much from God rather than too little. I'm adjusting.

To be honest, though, Mr Beaver's little grin makes me nervous ("No, he's not safe...but he's good, I tell you.")

Nervous, but I'm intrigued.


  1. If God made sense, then WE could have everything figured out-- because all would be logical. I once tried to learn the game of chess.. The person teaching me was making moves that did not make sense to me.. In fact I mocked him... "that was a REALLY DUMB move" I would say... Then 4 moves later I was in check... now I am a little less pompous-- well when it comes to chess anyway.. I am playing the game of life in God's world, against the rule maker, the ultimate player, the piece mover... I wonder what moves he has in play for me? Giving over to the master that knows more then I, does not feel right... it causes stress, worry, anxiety... If God was a little more predictable, I could control the outcome of the game... or at least win a match.. or chart my own path... Yet everytime I think I have made a brilliant move--- I get checked.. Just another reminder it's not my world...

  2. This reminds me of a question a friend of mine asked me: "If God is all powerful, can He make a burrito that is too hot for Him to eat? If He can do anything, then He should be able to eat any burrito, but if that's true, He can't make a burrito that is too hot!"

    I have to admit, that question stumped me for a loooong time, and as a result, my friend thought he found a "loop hole" or something, which made his atheist beliefs some how correct. Well God eventually gifted me with the answer (cuz i certainly didn't come up with it!):
    "It's a trick question! The question assumes that God is limited to the rules of this world; rules such as 'hot' and 'cold.' God is not limited by things we are limited by (or anything for that matter), so the question is irrelevant, and doesn't apply to Him."

    It's hard, sometimes, to remember that God really IS all powerful. He's working beyond anything we could comprehend, so when we see His power at full capacity, we just can't understand it, nor do we really have any hope to try! Kinda makes you feel a little insignificant, huh? Good thing He's on our side. :)